Workplace Emergency Training

Prepare yourself and your organisation with our emergency training solutions…

Duration: Variable
Certificate: Variable
Prerequisites: min. age 16 yrs

Workplace Emergency Training

When it comes to Workplace Emergency Training, we pride ourselves on always achieving three key results:

  • Meeting the learning requirements of your staff;
  • Meeting the compliance requirements of your organisation;
  • Achieving the first two points with little disruption to daily activities.


We offer a full suite of training to prepare your workplace for any emergency.


Only $99

Healthcorp’s comprehensive Workplace Emergency Training will provide participants with the knowledge, skill and confidence to execute protocols safely in an emergency situation. Training, evaluation, refinement, repetition are all vital processes to successfully implementing a timely evacuation. Our Workplace Emergency Training includes courses in:

  • How to be a Warden
  • Fire Safety
  • What to do with an Active-Armed Offender
  • Evacuations and more…


All work in this area must be completed in accordance with relevant legislative, industry, customer and organisational requirements, including work health and safety (WHS) policies.

For personalised advice, planning assistance and competitive pricing – please contact us.

By choosing Healthcorp, you will be provided a dedicated support team, with one point of contact, to advise and assist your organisation with all your Workplace Emergency Training needs.

For organisations that want a more personal touch, we also offer customised Workplace Emergency Training solutions to best meet your requirements. As well as dedicated trainers and training coordinators, this can include a fully customised E-Learning course package specific to your facility, with site-specific evacuation diagrams and fire-panel tutorials.

Pricing will depend on the number of staff who require this training. Subscriptions available.

For personalised advice, planning assistance and competitive pricing – please contact us.

Need it for work? Or just want to refine your workplace emergency skills – Individuals can also purchase our online Emergency Workplace Training package.

LINK TO ONLINE PACKAGE. please contact us.

For Emergency Workplace Training we offer flexible learning options which include;

  • Face-to-Face (group): Please contact us for an affordable and customised quote.
  • Online (individual or group): Comprehensive Online Emergency Workplace training package. Find out more
  • Blended (group): A mix of face to face and online learning, covering all your organisations requirements.


For personalised advice, planning assistance and competitive pricing – please contact us.

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