Manual Handling Training

Establish good practices in the workplace to reduce injury risk.

Manual Handling Training

Did you know that most of the reported accidents in the workplace involve manual handling tasks?

Healthcorp’s Manual Handling training are custom designed for your workplace and are conducted by certified work therapists or physiotherapists. Staff will be trained in the skills and knowledge to safely shift loads including assessing any risks associated with handling the load, planning the relocation process and carrying out the relocation in accordance with the plan.

An overview of the manual handling training course;

  • Understanding the spine and nervous system
  • Why injuries or sprain/strains result from unsafe manual handling practices
  • Correct postures and manual handling techniques
  • Stretch exercises for flexibility, risk reduction and stress relief
  • Practice of safe techniques and principles in their work activities, conducted in the attendees’ workplace using their own equipment

Heathcorp’s Manual Handling training course is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Australia-wide. Each training session is individually tailored depending on the workplace type, type of work conducted, number of employees and other variables.

Manual Handling training is delivered on-site, and time required may vary. A Healthcorp representative will be able to advise you further.

Healthcorp recommends annual Manual Handling training updates in your workplace to ensure all staff are reminded and updated on current health and safety procedures in the workplace.

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