Risk Assessment

Our professional and comprehensive work, heath and safety services help to establish safe work environments nationally.

Workplace Risk Assessment

A professionally implemented Workplace Risk Assessment or WHS Audit provides an organisation with the means to develop adequate controls and measures to either eliminate or reduce hazards, plus take the necessary steps to make changes and minimise or prevent injury.

All businesses, regardless of their structure or size, must have a work health and safety risk assessment that is current and meets legal obligations.

Each Risk Assessment should always follow a plan, which we can also provide. This plan is individually tailored and prepared dependant on the workplace, number of employees and other variables. Time and work required to deliver the plan will vary and a Healthcorp representative will be able to advise you further. Once you engage Healthcorp and request a Risk Assessment, a company representative will be in contact with you to discuss requirements.

To ensure your Risk Assessment Plans are effective and up-to-date, Healthcorp recommends organisations to review, evaluate and update this plan annually. Contact Healthcorp and find out how we can help you deliver, implement and maintain your work health and safety obligations.

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