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Purchase before 30th October 2019 for the Special Price of $40.00 (GST exempt)

Standard RRP $49.95 (GST exempt)

Beaty is a real time CPR feedback device that is designed for lay rescuers.

Did you know that effective bystander CPR can triple the chance of survival?

It is recommended to compress to a depth of 5cms or one third of the chest, which is nearly impossible to gauge accurately, even for a trained rescuer.

Beaty works by providing audio feedback for exactly how effective your compression’s are.


  • Simply apply to the patient’s chest and start compressing.
  • Beaty was created by a team of doctors and engineers who wanted to make something smart, simple and affordable that could help save lives.
  • What makes Beaty so good for lay rescuers? Simplicity – No buttons or displays. Dimensions –  Fits in your pocket. Affordable – less than $50.00


  • Beaty is designed for real-time CPR on a real person. As some manikins differ from human skeletal structure as well as chest recoil, Beaty may not work properly on these manikins.
  • How long does that battery last? Beaty runs on a 3v lithium battery that can last for more than 5 years on standby mode or 15 hours of continuous CPR.
  • Beaty is a great addition to any first aid kit, AED carry case or even on your key ring.
  • Beaty should only be used on victims 8 years and older.

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Delivery: 3-5 working days metro, 3-7 working days regional.

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