Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning A good ’emergency plan’ prepares you and your business for the unexpected. GROUP ENQUIRY FIND ANOTHER SERVICE Emergency Planning Are you prepared for an Emergency and compliant to Australia Standards? Do the evacuation diagrams in your premises meet Australian Standard 3745-2010? Are your evacuation diagrams meeting the Building Codes of Australia? Healthcorp can […]

WHS Auditing

WHS Auditing Keep your workplace safe and compliant. GROUP ENQUIRY FIND ANOTHER SERVICE WHS Safety Auditing Accurate risk assessment and management are crucial in the workplace to ensure the health and safety of all staff. Being able to correctly recognise and manage a potentially hazardous situation can save lives, and a thorough independent Work Health […]

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Our professional and comprehensive work, heath and safety services help to establish safe work environments nationally. GROUP ENQUIRY FIND ANOTHER SERVICE Workplace Risk Assessment A professionally implemented Workplace Risk Assessment or WHS Audit provides an organisation with the means to develop adequate controls and measures to either eliminate or reduce hazards, plus take […]

Manual Handling

Manual Handling Training Establish good practices in the workplace to reduce injury risk. GROUP ENQUIRY FIND ANOTHER SERVICE Manual Handling Training Did you know that most of the reported accidents in the workplace involve manual handling tasks? Healthcorp’s Manual Handling training are custom designed for your workplace and are conducted by certified work therapists or physiotherapists. […]

Ergonomic Training & Assessments

Ergonomic Training & Assessments Realise the remarkable benefits of ergonomics. It will save you time, money, and pain! GROUP ENQUIRY FIND ANOTHER SERVICE Ergonomic Assessments Healthcorp is a national training and service organisation providing cost effective and comprehensive training for groups at your office or workplace. The Ergonomic Training and Assessments can be customised to […]

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Responsibility. safety, compliance. GROUP ENQUIRY FIND ANOTHER SERVICE Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing A best practice drug and alcohol testing program can be an important part of your overall workplace health and safety strategy. Along with those industries that must test due to legislation standards, many other responsible workplaces are […]

Defibrillation Training

Defibrillation Training You’ll never know when you’re going to need it. GROUP ENQUIRY FIND ANOTHER SERVICE Defibrillation Training Every year there are approx. 30,000 cases of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) within Australia with the majority occurring outside a hospital setting. The average ambulance response time in metro areas is 11 minutes and chances for survival […]