Emergency Planning

A good ’emergency plan’ prepares you and your business for the unexpected.

Emergency Planning

  • Are you prepared for an Emergency and compliant to Australia Standards?
  • Do the evacuation diagrams in your premises meet Australian Standard 3745-2010?
  • Are your evacuation diagrams meeting the Building Codes of Australia?

Healthcorp can provide assistance with the preparation and development of an ‘Emergency Plan’ (in accordance with AS3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities). We provide organisations with individually tailored and structured planning advice to ensure all staff and occupants are accounted and prepared for any emergency. 

In accordance with AS3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, an ‘Emergency Plan’ requires organisations to document all emergency procedures and systems relevant to their facility, with detailed preparedness, prevention and response activities. This Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee FP-017, Emergency Management Procedures, to supersede AS 3745—2002, Emergency control organization and procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces. The objective of this revision is to make a greater distinction between emergency plans and evacuation procedures.

The objective of this Standard is to enhance the safety of people in facilities, by providing a framework for emergency planning, utilising the built facilities as appropriate. In accordance with AS3745-2010, our service objective includes:

(a) developing the emergency plan including provisions for evaluation;
(b) the duties of the emergency planning committee and emergency control organisation;
(c) plans for occupants with a disability;
(d) education and training; and
(e) guidance on how to determine the size of the emergency control organisation.

All Emergency planning and preparation is facility (building) specific and takes into account such considerations as size, complexity and features of a building, security systems, number of occupants, hours of occupancy etc.

A Healthcorp representative will visit your facility to perform an initial site assessment to discuss, plan and prepare all essential requirements for compliance and safety. Healthcorp emergency planning can also incorporate the preparation of evacuation diagrams with all essential compliance requirements in accordance with Australian Standard 3745-2010 (planning for emergencies in facilities). These diagrams are developed and drawn in-house by our CAD draftspersons.

Inclusive of its development or evaluation, it is required that an Emergency Plan includes, but not limited to, the documentation of all aspects related to emergency preparedness and prevention, such as alert/alarm systems in place, the roles and responsibilities of the emergency control organisation, emergency response procedures, relevant contact details, etc.

An Emergency Planning contractual agreement is developed and finalised, detailing all elements included in the scope of work.

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