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Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

Healthcorp’s Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are cost effective and include all the essential requirements in accordance with Australian Standard AS3745-2010 (planning for emergencies in facilities). We provide over 5000 plans nationally and our plans are “marked up” by our experienced consultants and developed internally by our CAD draftspersons.

  • Are you prepared for an Emergency and compliant to Australia Standards?
  • Do the evacuation diagrams in your premises meet Australian Standard 3745-2010?
  • Are your diagrams meeting the Building Code of Australia?
  • Do you know that Healthcorp will provide complimentary advice to establish whether your diagrams are compliant?

Australian Standards have recently been updated and require detailed information including but not limited to assembly points, orientation and standard icons. Healthcorp diagrams are cost effective and include all the essential requirements in accordance with the Australian Standard 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’.

All emergency evacuation diagram planning is facility (building) specific and takes into account such considerations as size, complexity and features of a building, exits, stairwells, safe assembly points etc.
Heathcorp provides Emergency Evacuation Diagrams in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Australia-wide. We will provide thoroughly planned and customised plans by our experienced consultants. Plans are then comprehensively developed and drawn in-house by our CAD draftspersons.
The HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation certificate is valid for 12 months from the completion date.
Once you engage Healthcorp to deliver your Emergency Evacuation Diagrams a company representative will be in contact to discuss all requirements and outline the stages of developing your company’s comprehensive evacuation diagrams in accordance with regulatory standards.

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