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Emergency Evacuation Diagrams


Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

Service Summary

Healthcorp supplies cost effective Emergency Evacuation Diagrams that include all essential requirements in accordance with Australian Standard AS3745-2010 (planning for emergencies in facilities). We have provided over 5000 Evacuation Diagrams nationally and our plans are developed internally by our CAD draftspersons.

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The planning of all emergency evacuation diagrams is facility (building) specific and takes into account such considerations as size, complexity and features of a building, exits, stairwells, safe assembly points etc.

As per the Australian Standard AS3745-2010, Healthcorp will provide thorough prepared and planned customised diagrams by our experienced consultants. Plans are then comprehensively developed and drawn in-house by our CAD draftspersons.

All Emergency Evacuation Diagrams need to be updated in accordance with the AS3745-2010 standard and relevant state regulations.

Once you engage Healthcorp to deliver your Emergency Diagrams a company representative will be in contact to discuss all requirements and outline the stages of developing your company’s comprehensive evacuation diagrams in accordance with regulatory standards.

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